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Current Operations

Central Valley Branch: Operations are Monday thought Friday between Stockton and Lodi. CCT interchanges in Stockton with the BNSF, UPRR and (STE) Stockton Terminal and Eastern. All CCT Customers are open to both BNSF and UPRR. CCT serves the canning, agriculture, plastics, and winery industry in Lodi, with transload facilities in Stockton and Lodi. For rates to and from points on the CCT, contact your BNSF or UPRR representatives. CCT main track between Liberty CA MP 20 and MP 38 are out of service pending future development. And the Union Pacific provides switching service in the Polk area of Sacramento with CCT providing Track maintenance from MP 38 to MP 43.6. Union Pacific's long rail welding facility is located at the Port of Stockton.

Line Capacity: 286,000 lbs. on 4 axle cars, cars that are Hi and Wide will require clearance.

PORT OF STOCKTON BRANCH: CCT is the operator of Stockton Public Belt Railway at the Port of Stockton for the BNSF and UPRR, The Port on the West Coast and third largest Port in California. CCT also has its Headquarters at the Port. At the Port are over 53 customers and warehouse facilities and the former Navy Rough and Ready Island complex (West Port Complex). CCT has six Transload providers with facilities having a capacity of 600 car spots.

There are two cement terminals. A large rail served cold storage facility; one of the largest Ethanol storage terminals is on the West Coast. Two of the country's largest Building Products distributors are located at the Port of Stockton. Pacific Ethanol is located at the Port of Stockton. The Port has a deep water channel that can handle ships with a draft of up to 35 feet and PANAMAX length. CCT has the longest on dock rail for transfer of commodities from or to a ship with two 6,500 foot on dock tracks. The Port of Stockton has a warehouse space and land available to lease at very competitive rates.

Truck to Rail Transfer

There is a room on the Port West Complex property for possible automotive, intermodal, and bulk rail-to-water Transload systems. The Port in the past has added 12000 feet of new trackage for added capacity. New customers will find working with the Port to be very easy to provide rail-served industrial sites and warehouse sites with rail, truck and water access by working with CCT and BNSF and UPRR. 

The Port is near Interstate 5 and State Highway 99, giving customers quick access to water, rail, and highway. The Port of Stockton is a secure site with 24/7 security and its own police force and is a TWIC facility. There is an-on site power coal cogeneration facility at the Port of Stockton and the Port is the power provider on the West Port complex with very competitive rates. A bulk ship loader and rotary car dumper with an 94-car loop track are available for loading and unloading of bulk products to or from vessels. Metro Ports manages this facility. The CCT and the Port of Stockton and its Stevedore partners can handle any heavy lift cargo, Wind Generation cargos and bulk and break bulk commodities. There is an onsite 3rd party car repair shop and they provide tie-down and securement services and rail car inspection and repair.

CCT provides switching service to Penny Newman Grain and Duraflame products as the result of a lease of the UPRR Scotts street lead

Line capacity: 286000lbs. Please contact the Union Pacific or BNSF and the CCT for Hi-Wide and overweight shipments requirements.

CCT provides shipment management and car control, billing, and tracing using the RMI Rail Connect and shipper connect systems. CCT has access to the UPRR and BNSF computer systems to provide shipment tracking and logistic services for customers. All movements are reported to the AAR and Railinc. And BNSF and UPRR