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• American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association
• Operation Lifesaver

• Transcaer, Railroad and community Hazardous Materials Safety and awareness
• California Shortline Railroad Association


2009 – ASLRRA Presidents Award 2010 – Jake Award with distinction 2011 – Jake Award 2012 – Jake Award with distinction
2013 – Jake Award  2014 – Jake Award

Dave Buccolo, General Manager is the Region 4 TRANSCAER Coordinator and A member of the National TRANSCAER working group and ASLRRA Safety committee.

Central California Traction operations are governed by the General code of operating rules

Central California Tractions employees are committed to the Union Pacific Railroads COURAGE TO CARE PROGRAM AND PLEDGE.


I have the courage to care. Worn with a lion's pride, it means those I work with will have my back, and I will have theirs. I pledge to shield myself and my team from harm. I will take action to keep them safe, by fixing an unsafe situation, addressing an unsafe behavior or stopping the line. In turn, I will have the courage to accept the same actions from my coworkers, who care enough to correct my path. We wear this badge out of respect for each other and those who have gone before us. On my watch, we will all go home safe to our families every day.

At The Central California Traction Company our goal is zero accidents and injuries. By placing a priority on safety, we protect our team members and the communities through which we operate. Running a safe Company also plays an important role in our ability to provide our Customer's safe, reliable service.

The foundation of Central California Tractions safety practices is found in the Six Tenets of Safety:

• Training is essential for good safety performance.
• Safety is a condition of employment.
• Safety is good business.

• All injuries can be prevented.
• All exposures can be safe-guarded.
• Prevention of injuries and accidents is the responsibility of each team member.

Courage to Care, Logo

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

No job is so important . . . no service so urgent . . . that we cannot take time to perform all work safely.

Safety Hotline Phone Number is (877) 522-7245, Extension 106.