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Transload Providers

CCT Transload Customers and Facilities

Stockton, CA: Team track 2800 feet of track with food grade area. On-Site Truck Scale.

Industrial Transloading / Industrial Railways

• Fenced with security and lighting and on-site truck scale • Lodi, CA: Team Track 900 feet with truck access • Chris Stotka - 510-724-1117

Sweetener Products—Transload, Sugar, Flour, Corn Sweetener—209-334-333-1327

Windmills on Dock

Port of Stockton, California

The East and West Complexes have 24 hour fenced security with an in house police department. The port meets all DHS/TSA and Coast Guard security requirements and is a TWIC facility. The Port is on Stockton's deep-water channel with over 31,560 feet of dock space and 10,400 feet of on dock rail transfer available. Port of Stockton can arrange for the shipping services for products on or off vessels. Two stevedore companies are located at the Port of Stockton, Metropolitan Stevedore and Stevedore Services of America (SSA).

The Port of Stockton has available over 2,225,428 sq feet of warehouse space that is rail served. 800 acres of land is available for rail and rail to ship development or warehouse space.

Contact: Steve Escobar, or Debbie Cali at the Port of Stockton 209-946-0246

Port of Stockton Transloaders

• Yarra North America, Dry and bulk fertilizer terminals • Transload Solutions, (209) 932-0495, Michael Vilaroino, 150 car spots • International Raw Materials, (215) 928-1010, liquid fertilizer transload

 Keep on Trucking
John Little, (209) 649-2973. Both open and in-warehouse storage.

Bulkhead flats, boxcars and regular flat cars. 200,000 sq. feet of warehouse space. Paper, building materials.

Trans Load Solutions Trucking 145 cars spots. 209-461-6420

Carry Transit three tracks, food grade with steam boiler for liquid products. 200 car spots. 209-465-2468.

Ramsey Express Trucking 100,000 sq. foot-warehouse building materials. 2 car spots

NuStar Energy LP: Ethanol, flammable liquids, aviation Gas and Diesel fuel load out.. Tank Truck loading and fuel blending, Diesel fuel loading and blending on the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline. Contact Dan Thomas at 209-943-5662

Buckeye Terminal,BP West Coast Arco Ethanol and Fuel Terminal. On Kinder-Morgan Pipe Line.

Penny Newman Grain, unloads and provides transfer service from rail to sea container for feed grains, and DDG, Cotton seed, sugar beet pellets or rice Liquid and dry bulk fertilizer. Contact Robert Mentelos 209-482-6919